Blooming Yogi is a story converted to a blog, about a girl who decided she was ready to tap into the best version of herself.  I believe that every human capability to discover their inner beauty and connect to the purest version of themselves given the right tools and guidance.Mindfulness, Pilates, yoga and meditation are all practices that guides  us in the direction of blooming, a beautiful process of becoming.

Blooming Yogi is a lifestyle brand that promotes well being, longevity and mindfulness .  I hold a space for each person to explore their personal process blooming, whether that is learning and unlearning habits, integrating body awareness in their daily activities, eating with intention and nourishing the mind and the body.

It takes patience and kindness to witness transformation.  Joseph Pilates said, “In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference. In twenty you’ll see the difference. In thirty you’ll have a whole new body.”

I am looking forward to see you blossom in your true beauty.